Architectural Design

We can provide you with a number of different levels of service from full scale finished architectural design and if you need we can provide you designs in stunning 3D

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Architectural Design and Planning Service

Plan drawingWe pride ourselves on the quality of our designs and the quality service we provide.  We can work from sketches or along side you to make sure you get the design you want. Anything from that house extension to the big build!

3D Line drawings

Sometimes you just want to see your3D Line Drawing architectural design come to shape. We can provide you with the 3D of your design so that you can see it in perspective.

Many of our clients like this service as they can play with the materials themselves, and its a great tool to sit down and get everyone involved.

Plus if your project is on a budget this is a great way to  get a feel for the design with out costing too much.

Coloured Sketch-up Architectural Design

If you want something for that interim presentation, you want to impress but you feel sure Full Colour Sketchup Illustrationthat more changes are ahead, then why not go for a coloured Sketch-up Illustration.

This format can give you a finished feel without committing to a finalised design.

Much cheaper than opting for a final 3D rendering service, and gives a real idea of the results of your final concept.

Architectural Illustration

A final 3D rendering of your project is the best way to present your designs, make a big splash  on your website or to start marketing your project and get the sales in before the build. This is the premium service that brings your designs to life. We pride ourselves on the quality of this service and believe that it suites the budgets of most 3D Rendering high profile projects.

These architectural illustrations can be provided in many ways, we can provide a standalone rendering or we can provide the design in context and within a photo-montage format. And if you really want to make a splash we can animate your designs too.

This is of-course is your decision to make, and whichever you decide we will make your design look fantastic.

Choose how you are going to empower your ideas today. Get in touch!

Plumedia is a Cornish company based in St. Austell, providing the highest quality architectural design and planning services to customers throughout the South West and also the United Kingdom.

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