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Plumedia provides incredible 3D Rendering services that make you money and empower your designs.

Plumedia is an illustration company with a heart for creating incredible 3D renderings. Our 3D Renderingmission and focus are to provide colourfully rendered illustrations and creative marketing tools that will get your designs noticed. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you call us or send an email today. We’d love to hear from you.

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For you, we provide fast turn around and excellent results.

 3D VisualisationIf you want to sell your designs effectively, with the best architectural marketing tool ever, Plumedia can turn your designs into 3D architectural illustrations and videos. And for no extra charge we will add them to Google Earth.

3D visualisation

Plumedia also produce accurate 3D renderings of interior shots too, depicting the layout, materials and how the lighting will effect your design within. This is a great sales tool for selling off plan.

Verified Images

Plumedia creates Visually Verified images3D rendering for accurate 3D Renderings of buildings and tall structures in their proposed location, this is achieved using high spec digital SLR equipment and GPS positioning. All supported by a methodology statement in-line with the recommendations of the Landscape Institute. This is a service we provide for companies involved in the planning of renewables, such as wind turbines.

Plumedia is a Cornish company based in St. Austell, providing the highest quality 3D Rendering to companies throughout the South West and also the United Kingdom.

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