Visual Impact Assessment

Wind turbines and tall structures have the effect of changing theĀ  visual appearance of their surroundings. Using 3D visualisation Plumedia can model the effects, using life like photomontages to predict the structures effect from key points on the surrounding landscape. We can also create an accurate Zone of Theoretical Visibility, which is essential for all wind turbine applications.

Plumedia uses specialist 3D software and photography techniques to create the visual impact of turbine or structure. Over the last 4 years Plumedia has assisted in turbine applications throughout the South West.

Plumedia also creates Visually Verified Images for the use in Visual Impact Assessment for Planning Applications, using high specification cameras and GPS positioning we can create accurate images of buildings and other tall structures, all supported with a methodology statement in line with the guidelines set out by the Landscape Institute and Cornwall County Council.

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Plumedia is a Cornish company based in St. Austell, providing the highest quality visual impact assessment to companies throughout the South West and also the United Kingdom.

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